It’s been a while…


So yeah… it’s been a while. I’m posting this final post just to say that I’m starting a new project and closing this one.

I will be returning on the bloggopshere but with a new blog : The Life of a Food Addict.


As you can probably tell, this one will be a bit more personal. With the new food connaissances (heh.) I’ve acquired within that period of absence I will be able to make this one a bit more interesting. It’s still not clear what it will be about but I guess that’s the beauty of a blog. I can do whatever I want with it. So good bye but hello. See you at the other side. This was a nice run. Let’s face it though, a little change was long due.


Elixor: the Canadian Cheesecake Factory

If you haven’t had the chance of trying out the Cheesecake Factory (yes, where Penny works in The Big Bang Theory), you don’t have to go to the United States anymore! There is a restaurant very similar here, in Montreal: Elixor.

They have the same dictionary-sized menu with all the different kinds of foods: pastas, meats, fish, salads, etc. And yes, all those AMAZING cheesecakes!

Ok, Elixor doesn’t have as many items as the Cheesecake Factory, but it’s still way more than your average restaurant.

The quality of food is good!

The prices vary between 10-30$ for a main dish, but the dishes are very, VERY big!

I had the Bora Bora Tuna Salad and was very satisfied with it. There was so much on my plate though, I couldn’t finish it… However, I didn’t have the chance to try their cakes yet. I can’t wait to go back to try them though!

It’s a great place to have birthday suppers/lunches, Mother’s day or Easter brunches, big group dinners, etc. My cousin had her bridal shower there and that’s how I know the place.

There are two locations near/in Montreal:

  • 3237 boulevard Des Sources, Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • 1795 Pierre-Péladeau, Centropolis, Laval

The menu is on their website:

Check it out! And happy cheesecake-ing!

Happening Gourmand

From January 10th to February 3rd 2013,

8 restaurants will offer their Table d’hôte at a reduced price every night.

Check it out!

Avocado… Juice!

Yes, you read it right. Avocado juice is the topic in this post!

This delicious and incredibly healthy fruit is very popular to add in salads and to make tasty guacamole. I even like eating it alone with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little bit of spices.

Now, to those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying this different form of the fruit, I present to you the avocado juice. A luscious, sweet, thick juice will make you smile ear to ear.

So just to hop into the scientific part for a bit, avocado is, as I said before, very healthy: it contains good cholesterol and many vitamins and it contributes to decrease blood cholesterol. Just be careful not to feed any part of it to your beloved pet because it is very toxic to animals!

I hope you enjoyed this segment on this special way to prepare avocados.

Now… get healthy!

So this wonderful creation can be found at many different places. Here are some places that offer the goods :

  • Cocktail Antabli, 9254 Boulevard de l’Acadie

A lebanese place that makes really awesome desserts (fruits on waffles or crepes, juices, etc.).

Cocktail Antabli

Cocktail Antabli

  • L2 Lounge, 71 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest

A bubble tea place; they have an avocado bubble tea.

  • Adonis supermarket, many locations

Dessert Poll.

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