L’academie : Affordable chic.

I know most of you are probably already familiar with this restaurant, but I thought “What the hell! Might as well.” I’ve been a couple of times and to be honest I just remember my last two. But from what I retained L’academie can be a perfect spot for a casual date, business meeting or just a night out with frieds (Emphasis on the plural).

This restaurant is mostly known for its mussels&fries and pasta. So obviously I tried them but also other stuffs that are on the menu such as the duck and the steak.


Usually the meals comes with a small soup of the day. Most of the time it is a creamy soup flavoured as the chef liking. Last time I went, I had the fenouil, carrot and fresh mint. Like always the soup taste the same as the other creme, but with a slight pleasant after-taste of carrot. Not sure about the mint, couldn’t taste it. The soup was a bit more liquid than usual – but I mean whatever I still finished it under 3 minutes, and I wasn’t even THAT hungry.

Next item of the evening was the mussels and fries a la mariniere (Lemon & Butter). The mussels were actually really good. They did taste like lemon and the butter just add to the sauce that little touch it would have missed. It tasted zesty and a a little fatty thanks to the butter, which matched perfectly with the salty taste of the mussels. What I didn’t like is the fact that the mussels were quite small, but maybe I am just used to the big ones at other restaurants. But I could eat them all day, I even drank the soup/sauce that in the base of the bowl. Not sure if you are suppose to drink it like a soup but I did anyway. It would have been better if it was creamy so that it sticks to the sea food better and you can hence taste it more.

I also tred the magret de canard with the rasberry sauce. I’m very fond of the fruity sauce + meat combo. I don’t know if I’m the only on this but you guys might be able to tell me. I’m always expecting a different unique taste when I order duck. I’m always thrown off when it actually taste like duck (+ the sauce taste)! Anyway now you know a bit more [Hurrayyy!]. The duck taste fine although I had better. The other one was more fresh more plump more I don’t know…special? But the sauce was good but was overpowered by the duck taste. For its high price, I would say pass but if you have money go ahead it’s not a bad choice.

One of the times I did end up getting the steak since there was a promotion for less than 20$ but I don’t really remember how it was. I don’t want to write something I’m not 100% sure. *Reads previous posts* oh…

The desert was good, too good. I forgot to take a picture when we were at the last bite of the cake. I still took the picture but yeah… We had the chocolate mousse cake praliné. It tasted like Ferrero Rocher , everybody likes Ferrero Rocher. The cake had a sublime mousse texture. Not too soft (melted) nor too solid (still frozen).


The price are ok… the meats are like 20+ $ so I personally wouldn’t go with those. But the moules and the pasta are pretty cheap going under 20$ so you can have a nice evening with still some coins in your pockets. BUT! where L’academie really shines is with their promotion starting from Sunday to Wednesday. The mussels and the pasta are 12$… AND IT COMES WITH A SOUP! or salad… I don’t like salad. That’s like a trio burger! It’s so cheap you can bring two of your girlfriends and still have enough for dessert (pun intended)*. Hopefully they know about you having more than one girlfriend though.

*I am not responsible for any breakups


  • The service was really nice, they keep it professional.
Final Words
L’academie should be your choice for a chic evening with friends after movies on cheap tuesday. The service is nice, the food is good, the price are low. It’ll keep your smile for the rest of the day.

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