Yuki Ramen

1616 Sainte-Catherine St W

(Faubourg food court)


You already know how I feel about Le Faubourg. So when I learned of this little “restaurant” my fellow bloggers were all talking about, my first reaction was to say, “Com’on! D:”. I must say though, that I am not that surprised since its food court is pretty decent. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was open as oppose to its neighbour which seemed to take a break for the lovely holidays.

I think what attracts most customer to Yuki Ramen is the fact that they make your order freshly, right in front of your eyes. A magnificent view as you see the cook and the dough’s ballet hypnotize you.

I ordered the BBQ pork noodle soup, which seem the most appealing to me. It cost 8$ tax included (6.95 + tax). It consisted of a large bowl filled with ramen, which was just pulled, slices of BBQ pork, some vegetables and a side of kimchi.

As one could guess, the noodle, being prepare only when you take your order, are always fresh no matter what time you are eating. Usually at fast-food you get the “left-over” and the meals are usually cold or dry depending when you are having lunch or dinner. As for the meat, it was tasty but I didn’t really like the texture because it wasn’t as tender as I hope it would be. The broth was definitely great, with my adding some spicy sauce mmmmmm. Unfortunately I couldn’t drink it all because I was so full by the end of it.

Definitely in my “Good Ramen” spot, for the low price. I recommend it! if you are around the block and need some warmth!

Thanks to their staff for letting me awkwardly filming them!

Yuki Ramen on Urbanspoon


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