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Elixor: the Canadian Cheesecake Factory

If you haven’t had the chance of trying out the Cheesecake Factory (yes, where Penny works in The Big Bang Theory), you don’t have to go to the United States anymore! There is a restaurant very similar here, in Montreal: Elixor.

They have the same dictionary-sized menu with all the different kinds of foods: pastas, meats, fish, salads, etc. And yes, all those AMAZING cheesecakes!

Ok, Elixor doesn’t have as many items as the Cheesecake Factory, but it’s still way more than your average restaurant.

The quality of food is good!

The prices vary between 10-30$ for a main dish, but the dishes are very, VERY big!

I had the Bora Bora Tuna Salad and was very satisfied with it. There was so much on my plate though, I couldn’t finish it… However, I didn’t have the chance to try their cakes yet. I can’t wait to go back to try them though!

It’s a great place to have birthday suppers/lunches, Mother’s day or Easter brunches, big group dinners, etc. My cousin had her bridal shower there and that’s how I know the place.

There are two locations near/in Montreal:

  • 3237 boulevard Des Sources, Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • 1795 Pierre-Péladeau, Centropolis, Laval

The menu is on their website:

Check it out! And happy cheesecake-ing!


Grillé Glacé

Two weeks ago, a new burger joined the big family in Montreal. Grillé Glacé offers beef/chicken burger for low costs as little as 4$. The Lunchbox deal is even better as you get burger, fries and a drink for the low cost of 8.50$. Definitely worth you checking it out. Low price, good portions, good food!

They also offer a small variety of ice cream, perfect for the coming season.

Poutine Burger (@ Burger Bar)

Do you like poutine? do you like burgers? then why not combine the two!

As you can see it’s pretty tall, I had to mash it up quite a bit before I could take a bite. I didn’t really like the gravy, and the fries were a bit too oily and over-fried. But the patty was amazing! So I would recommend taking another type of burger – BUT there’s something unique about finishing this burger, a sense of accomplishment. You can always drink it down with their very good milkshakes (my favourite is the roasted marshmallow) and the onion rings are better than the fries, I find. just saying

Offered a limited time at Burger Bar

1465 Crescent Street
Montreal, QC

Pinq Taco

3612 Boul. St-Laurent

Not so long ago on Tuango was featured a dinner at Pinq Taco. This featured restaurant is mostly known for its lounge and tequila bar, but being a foodie my attention was all on the tapas. As I arrived, most of the spot were already reserved so I had the chance to sit at the bar right in front of their impressive tequila bar.

Our little Tuango deal got us 2 drinks, 6 tapas and 2 desserts, which in my opinion would be enough to judge Pinq Taco overall. We started with two cocktails that was tequila-based. I’m no expert in alcohol, I would prefer to let my partying friends decide about this. But for my Tequila mojito I thought it was missing this little kick that I’m used with the usual rum. Although the other were much better! My girlfriend had the something bastard which was very good!

Before receiving our tapas, we were given little toasts with humus and olive puré. We definitely jumped on it and it was so delicious and refreshing that I wish I had another serving. I shall ask next time.

First came the Nachos with Duck confit. Please note that we asked without cheese. One thing I was scared of is getting cold duck confit along with nachos. Thankfully the dish came out warm! The duck was tasty, the nachos were just salty enough to go along with it, but I must say that without the cheese it was definitely missing something. But that is our bad. I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Then came the seared tuna, nicely seasoned with a nice sauce. Only thing to say about this is I wish it was less grilled. I would’ve liked it to be almost raw except for a small grilled part. But overall good, We finished it quickly.

The filet mignon carpaccio with truffle oil was maybe the only item that I wouldn’t order again. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Although the cheese taste of this dish might pleased some people, for me who don’t appreciate cheese to the fullest I didn’t like it. I find the taste of the meat to be totally overtaken by the cheese. I couldn’t even taste the truffle oil either. But this is my opinion maybe you would like it, as it was one of the favourite of our waitress.

Wasabi salmon tartar was next. Refreshing, it was a good move to put toast with it. The salmon was melting in my mouth and the wasabi gave the small zang but not that overpowering. Careful though because it contains pieces of wasabi peas. Fresh and simple, the quality of the salmon is put on priority.

The three mini-sliders (beef, lamb, shrimp) were my favourite with the tartars. The three of them had a mixed seasoning distinct for each of them. Three completely different flavour that will blow your taste buds away. They were fresh, warm and delivered. Miam!

Finally the beef tartar, was good nice texture, I like the taste! the not too cooked beef with some zesty taste. It was my first time eating beef tartare and I must say I ate it by the spoon. Again, it was definitely a good thing the bread was there to give a contrast of texture. I want more…

Once we were done with our tapas, people start pouring in for drinks and good time with family. I recall that it has a nice ambiance usually have a DJ present for the night. They also have special night such as Wednesday (I would call it the foodie night) where ladies get two tapas free with the purchase of a drink, LUCKY! and gentlemen, we receive 5 tapas for 25$ which is a steal!  PLEASE NOTE THAT THEIR MENU IS CHANGING SO THESE ITEMS MIGHT NOT BE ON THE MENU.

Because people started pouring in and order stuff, we waited quite a time for our dessert. Thankfully, we had a marvelous staff to take care of us. Even though the bartender wasn’t technically serving us, she took time to talk to us and take care of us. The waitress, obviously busy with other customers, also took time with us instead of being afraid of confronting us with the waiting time. If it wasn’t for the friendly staff, the dinner would have ended on a sour note although the evening was very pleasant.

We finally received our dessert. Ice cream of the day which was passion fruit. Very good texture, which makes me think it was home-made. Refreshing taste, different from the one I’m used too. But what really shone was the mi-cuit with tiramisu chaser. It seemed to be a chocolate brownie with a little drink on the side. A tequila-filled (I think so) tiramisu creme. The point was to take a bite of the brownie and then swallow it along with a sip of the tiramisu creme. I was taken off guard, but I quite liked it. At some point I just start drinking the chaser alone.

Pinq Taco is now on my list of late night hang out place. Good food, and perfect place to crash with some friends! Although I would probably go for the food, and of course reserve a place at the bar (that’s where the cool&pretty people sit).

*The pictures are taken from a close point of view. So they might appear bigger than they really are.

Pinq Taco on Urbanspoon


1134 Marcel-Laurin,

St-Laurent, Qc H4R 1J7

Tél.: (514) 335-7966

To be honest, when I first heard of the name “Ottavio” I couldn’t help thinking it was some sort of cheaper clone of other italian restaurants. This thought followed me while I sat at my table and as I continue to snob the wine glasses available to us. I opened their menu seeing simple and classic items such as pizza, pasta and mussels. My curiosity thought was picked by certain variant of the items which I have not seeing in other restaurant like BBQ chicken pizza, or linguini with pears and capicollo. Seing those dishes I just had to try it, so I took the later.

So I started with pizza bruschetta

Slightly original. I like the fact that there was no cheese :D! Also good taste, you could definitely feel the zesty tomatoes and the tomatoes sauce was also a really nice addition. Beautifully done, and a good portion for an entrée! It fed up to 4 people for 10$.

Next was my very anticipated Linguini with pears and capicollo.

When I received the plate I was really hoping that the combination would go along. After I took a pear and pasta, I was very happy that it blend very well together! The sweetness of the pear was wrapped with the smoothness of the rosé sauce. I must say that it took me by surprise. Proof that sometimes, simple might just be the best. The only thing I could have been better without was the capicollo. I felt the saltiness didn’t belong with the current flavours. Quantity-wise, the portion was more than enough! Honestly, I’m not really an amateur of pasta, and I’m really picky about it too. But I really enjoyed this one! For the price of 16$, I say I wouldn’t hesitate to take it once more.

And for dessert!

“Exclusive” to Ottavio, it is soft and warm dough sprinkled with cinnamon. With the english cream dip, it really is refreshing. Plus the serving is more than enough to share with your envious friends. To be honest though, this is not a good choice if you are already full since it is very filling. The taste is similar to a “Beaver Tail”.

Ottavio : Good simple food, lower prices and a bring your own wine. Three aspects that should bring some weight to that balance. I’m happy that this restaurant gave my snob side a smack.

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